5 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Sex Life

yoga posesYoga techniques are goods of the Asian continent, having been researched and exported into the west to get additional categorization and commercialization from the photographic and other sectors. The sexual power harnessed is tempting and significant to a lot of souls; it’s also tied to the rigor of Kamasutra. It’s relatively beneficial and satisfactory to those who require sexual improvement and satisfaction. It alleviates stress and introduces total relaxation of the mind and body.

Yoga has proved it has efficacy in just about all aspects of health. Sexual health also happens to be an essential aspect of becoming healthy. And Yoga hasn’t bared sex from its holistic health preparation.

Yoga’s sexual doctrine claims that for gaining sexual pleasure your mind and body must stay in a rejuvenated state and this treatment might be just brought about by different yoga practices. These practices include all sorts of yoga- make it asana, pranayama or dhyana.

Yoga can be helpful both while getting down and to prep for becoming down.

It isn’t only about getting into shape. It is about knowing the way your body works- how it feels, what needs work, what it wants and needs. The better you know your own body, the more prepared you should use it to please somebody else’ body.

Listed below are five simple, beginner’s yoga poses and exercises which can help you improve your stamina and flexibility in bed and some strategies on how to make them count.

WARNING: Before performing any of those poses, consult a doctor to be sure that you’re healthy enough to try them. Remember to take it slow, breathe, rather than force yourself to try out anything you believe is beyond your capabilities. If this is the first time doing yoga, then look at using this listing as a supplemental to choosing a class.


We have mentioned previously that Kegel exercises are an excellent way to strengthen your muscles down there, battle erectile dysfunction, and raise your libido. In yoga, kegel exercises are known as the Mula Bandha, and they are thought to be hugely significant. Begin with finding the muscles that you use to stop urinating or to maintain a fart. There are lots of muscles which go all of the ways from the groin to underneath your anus. Hold them for 10-15 seconds, ten times each, a couple of times each day and it will not be long until you begin to notice an improvement in your sex life.

HINT: You can also practice Mula Bandha as an alternative to thrusting during intercourse by merely taking turns flexing your Kegels!


Among the most excellent ways to improve your sex life through yoga is by opening up your hips. There are lots of poses that will make your hips wide open and improve your flexibility, but Pigeon Pose is among the very best. Women especially tend to hold a great deal of stress and tension within their hips and also the improved blood flow through Pigeon Pose can pull off the pressure off and bring an increase in libido.

HINT: If you tend to become sore hips throughout while at Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl, Pigeon Pose is an excellent way to practice holding up yourself and strengthen those muscles.


After, I had been in Downward Dog if my boyfriend came home from work. “Ooh, is that an invitation?” he asked. Covered in sweat, with my bum up in the air, I probably looked like I had been prepared to have some pleasure.

Downward Dog is excellent because it stretches the back, arms, and legs. When I first began yoga, I hated it because my stamina was not terrific. Now, however, it is among my favorite poses to relax in after doing a little more difficult stretches.

HINT: Should you equilibrium is excellent and your partner can also be into yoga, then you can practice Downward Dog with your partner with one partner put their toes on another’s back while at Downward Dog, or by merely using one partner do a backstretch against another’s back and hips.


This one may be for more advanced yoga practitioners, but such as Pigeon Pose, it is a beautiful way to stretch and open up your hips. For ladies, besides, it can ease menstrual cramps and improve libido by increasing blood flow to the pelvis. Adding in an arm stretch to the ceiling may also help relax all the muscles in the body.

HINT: when you’ve mastered this particular pose, consider elevating your hips off the floor using a yoga block.


The majority of these bends are fantastic for improving your flexibility. You might even be remembering doing a number of these in the gym at school back in the afternoon. I enjoy this one specifically because no matter how flexible you’re, you may still use it to pull your legs, abs, and groin.

HINT: If you can not touch the ground with your chest yet, simply try on your hands and as time passes, you will end up gradually becoming closer and closer. A folded blanket, ottoman pillow or pillow can help you support yourself in the meantime.

8 Signs You Are Madly in Lust…Not In Love

8 Signs You Are Madly in Lust…Not In Love


Yes! This is a normal thing in this generation today. People tend to confuse their feelings towards a person. Most teenagers and even some adults experience a pleasurable bond between them and other people.

However, they cannot be certain if they are really in love. In most cases, these relationships are simply out of lust…in which individuals casually seek for pleasure and no more, no less.

In this article, let us discuss the 10 signs you are madly in lust, and not in love.

Ultimate Cravings for Sex

When you are in a supposed “love” relationship, sex is a thing. Married couples do sex out of love and intimacy. However, if you are aware that you and your partner do sex just to suffice your cravings for pleasure, no doubt that it is lust.

If you’re a man and all you want is to grab her breasts and ass, that’s no love. If you’re a woman and you just want him to be inside you, that’s no love. Lust do not care about feelings, just the pleasure.

Always Sexy and Attractive

If you are in lust, you are always conscious about how you look…physically. You always care about how your partner perceives you.

So, women always dress up nicely with makeup full-blown and men make sure they have those muscles in arms bulking up and abs, eight in count. It seems that both of you think you are characters of perfect love story movies, or probably porn stars warming up their bodies.

If it’s love, you won’t even care if you wear old college shirt, or daddy trousers, as long as you see each other.

Skips Friendship Stage

Most lust-based relationships skip the friendship stage and move forward straight to bed. As we all know, friendship is an essential stage in which people know their partners deeply.

Friendships test your compatibility as couples, and will even measure how strong you are in facing different circumstances in life.

Now if you are still confused, ask your partner about your favorite food, and they’ll probably tell you “sex in the morning.”

Little to Zero Intimacy

As mentioned earlier, sex out of lust is associated with little to no intimacy. If you are in love, cuddling and kissing are very comforting like heaven.

But if it’s lust, kissing seems to be just kissing yourself, with no emotions behind. Apart from sex, intimacy can also be expressed in your sincerity with your partner, however, if your partner seems not to care at all, then there is zero intimacy. That isn’t loving.

Conditional “Love”

Love is unconditional, but if it’s not, it’s lust! A loving partner can do your favor without asking for return while a lustful one asks for one rough night with you.

Lust is bounded into pleasure and gratification, without even showing care and concern. All lust cares about is the needs of their bodies. They may love your body but not you.

No Commitment

Again, lustful partners do not express care for each other. Thus, they don’t have the commitment to further their relationships into the next stage.

A lust-based relationship seeks for the desires of their body, and not for your desire to be brought to the altar. If love truly exists between you, you two become selfless and would want what’s best for your partner.

No Plans for the Future

If you two don’t have plans for the future. Quit it! Lust wants the “now”, nothing for the past and most especially, the future.

Our bodies have biological needs, and if the only thing that’s driving you both to continue your relationship is sex, then it is no more love.

Boring Sex

Eventually, sex out of lust will become boring. In due time, you’ll find yourself looking for another one to satisfy your sexual desires. As mentioned earlier, there is no intimacy between you.

All you care is that your organs meet together and nothing more. Unlike in love, you do sex because it is a genuine expression of making love.

Sex out of love will not tire you but will continue to prove that you love each other very much and that your bodies, as well as your heart and mind, are connected with each other.

Top 4 tips for finding your perfect life partner

4 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Life Partner

Finding the right partner for your life is not very easy. There are people with different types of personalities out there and it can be hard to find someone of your type. The divorce rates are now high as people make wrong decisions when choosing partners.

Here are some tips that will help you to find the right life partner.

Make your choice with a clear mind

You shouldn’t make choice out of pressure from others or fear. It’s your life and you should make the decision from your point of view.

Sometimes people are scared to live alone, so they make their decisions hastily. But in such cases, confusion and anxiety can arise later on and ruin your relationship.


Take time to know the person well

You shouldn’t jump into commitment once you meet a person. You should take the time to learn about the person. You may find out things that you won’t be able to adjust with later in your life.

At the beginning of a relationship, people actually live in a fantasy world and they only think about the romance in their life. But as time goes by more practical things come up and you can know more about your partner.

Look for the important qualities

A person who is honest, kind, reliable and compassionate will end up being a good partner. So, you should look for these qualities in a person. You can ignore the minor qualities like the way he or she smiles, or his or her hobbies, etc, when you choose a partner.

Pick someone you feel comfortable with

You should choose someone with whom you can talk comfortably and be yourself. You should be able to talk about anything without being judged. You should get a feeling of acceptance when you are with the person.

When choosing your partner, don’t pressurize yourself. You should simply choose someone you feel happy with. You should take the time to know the person well and then decide.

5 ways in which yoga can make your sex life better

5 Ways Yoga Can Make Your Sex Life Better

Yoga and sex have some very intimate connection which most people are not aware of. Yoga not only improves your physical health but also improves your sex life and relationship. Here are some of the ways in which yoga actually makes your sex life better.


If you have stiff hips then it can get on the way of having a good sex. The postures practiced in yoga can make your muscles more flexible. So, you can be flexible in your bed.

Spinal health

If you have a spinal problem, it can affect your performance in bed. Yoga can release back muscle tension and develop your spinal health. So, you won’t be stiff during sex anymore.

Develop self-confidence

You can get a strong and healthy body by practicing yoga regularly. Yoga makes your body toned. So, you feel more confidence about your body. Your energy level also increases.

All these will help you to experience good sex. (If you are in real relationship and desire to ramp up your sexual performance read this male extra reviews here: malesexualbigger.com/male-extra-pills

Positive emotions

When you do yoga on a regular basis, you can direct your anger, jealousy and other forms of negative emotions in a positive direction.

It helps to remove stress also. This helps to become romantic in bed. By doing yoga you will feel happy and relaxed and enjoy the moment in bed.

It can target your sexual areas

Yoga can target your pelvic floor, spine, and perineum, known as the sexual zones. Yoga makes you more aware of these areas. This helps in enjoying your sex.

Yoga has lots of benefits. It can develop strength, release stress and improve your sex life. So, if you want to improve your sex life, you should join a yoga class today. Read about homosexuality tips

4 interesting facts you should know about homosexuality

4 Facts You Should Know About Homosexuality

Since 2015, U.S has legalized same-sex marriage. Now gay marriage is more acceptable than it was a few years back. Previously, people didn’t talk much about their sexual orientation.

But slowly they started talking about it and we now see lots of gay couples getting married. Here are some interesting facts you should know about homosexuality.

1. There has been a rapid growth of same-sex marriage over the past decade. In fact, the percentage has almost doubled now. More people now support gay marriage than they did 10 years ago.

Gay Marriage

2. Acceptance of same-sex marriage has helped to reduce the cases of suicide. Many teenagers are bullied at school because of their sexual orientation. This often led to depression and eventually suicide. The legalization of gay marriage has lowered this rate. Now homosexuality is accepted in society.

3. More children are now being adopted. In the past, the adoption agencies were reluctant to give children to the gay couples. As gay marriage is legalized now, the adoption agencies have to give equal right to the homosexual couples. So, now more foster children will get loving parents.

Same Sex Marriage

4. The divorce rate in the U.S. has decreased due to the legalization of same-sex marriage. In a study, it was found that more than 50% married couples get divorced in the U. S and one of the main reasons for this is infertility or incompatibility. So, now due to acceptance of homosexuality, the rate of divorce has decreased.

Being homosexual is no more a taboo. It is acceptable in society and people now talk about their sexual orientation without any hesitation. It’s their right and they should have equal opportunities like any other person.