yoga posesYoga techniques are goods of the Asian continent, having been researched and exported into the west to get additional categorization and commercialization from the photographic and other sectors. The sexual power harnessed is tempting and significant to a lot of souls; it’s also tied to the rigor of Kamasutra. It’s relatively beneficial and satisfactory to those who require sexual improvement and satisfaction. It alleviates stress and introduces total relaxation of the mind and body.

Yoga has proved it has efficacy in just about all aspects of health. Sexual health also happens to be an essential aspect of becoming healthy. And Yoga hasn’t bared sex from its holistic health preparation.

Yoga’s sexual doctrine claims that for gaining sexual pleasure your mind and body must stay in a rejuvenated state and this treatment might be just brought about by different yoga practices. These practices include all sorts of yoga- make it asana, pranayama or dhyana.

Yoga can be helpful both while getting down and to prep for becoming down.

It isn’t only about getting into shape. It is about knowing the way your body works- how it feels, what needs work, what it wants and needs. The better you know your own body, the more prepared you should use it to please somebody else’ body.

Listed below are five simple, beginner’s yoga poses and exercises which can help you improve your stamina and flexibility in bed and some strategies on how to make them count.

WARNING: Before performing any of those poses, consult a doctor to be sure that you’re healthy enough to try them. Remember to take it slow, breathe, rather than force yourself to try out anything you believe is beyond your capabilities. If this is the first time doing yoga, then look at using this listing as a supplemental to choosing a class.


We have mentioned previously that Kegel exercises are an excellent way to strengthen your muscles down there, battle erectile dysfunction, and raise your libido. In yoga, kegel exercises are known as the Mula Bandha, and they are thought to be hugely significant. Begin with finding the muscles that you use to stop urinating or to maintain a fart. There are lots of muscles which go all of the ways from the groin to underneath your anus. Hold them for 10-15 seconds, ten times each, a couple of times each day and it will not be long until you begin to notice an improvement in your sex life.

HINT: You can also practice Mula Bandha as an alternative to thrusting during intercourse by merely taking turns flexing your Kegels!


Among the most excellent ways to improve your sex life through yoga is by opening up your hips. There are lots of poses that will make your hips wide open and improve your flexibility, but Pigeon Pose is among the very best. Women especially tend to hold a great deal of stress and tension within their hips and also the improved blood flow through Pigeon Pose can pull off the pressure off and bring an increase in libido.

HINT: If you tend to become sore hips throughout while at Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl, Pigeon Pose is an excellent way to practice holding up yourself and strengthen those muscles.


After, I had been in Downward Dog if my boyfriend came home from work. “Ooh, is that an invitation?” he asked. Covered in sweat, with my bum up in the air, I probably looked like I had been prepared to have some pleasure.

Downward Dog is excellent because it stretches the back, arms, and legs. When I first began yoga, I hated it because my stamina was not terrific. Now, however, it is among my favorite poses to relax in after doing a little more difficult stretches.

HINT: Should you equilibrium is excellent and your partner can also be into yoga, then you can practice Downward Dog with your partner with one partner put their toes on another’s back while at Downward Dog, or by merely using one partner do a backstretch against another’s back and hips.


This one may be for more advanced yoga practitioners, but such as Pigeon Pose, it is a beautiful way to stretch and open up your hips. For ladies, besides, it can ease menstrual cramps and improve libido by increasing blood flow to the pelvis. Adding in an arm stretch to the ceiling may also help relax all the muscles in the body.

HINT: when you’ve mastered this particular pose, consider elevating your hips off the floor using a yoga block.


The majority of these bends are fantastic for improving your flexibility. You might even be remembering doing a number of these in the gym at school back in the afternoon. I enjoy this one specifically because no matter how flexible you’re, you may still use it to pull your legs, abs, and groin.

HINT: If you can not touch the ground with your chest yet, simply try on your hands and as time passes, you will end up gradually becoming closer and closer. A folded blanket, ottoman pillow or pillow can help you support yourself in the meantime.

5 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Sex Life