8 Signs You Are Madly in Lust…Not In Love


Yes! This is a normal thing in this generation today. People tend to confuse their feelings towards a person. Most teenagers and even some adults experience a pleasurable bond between them and other people.

However, they cannot be certain if they are really in love. In most cases, these relationships are simply out of lust…in which individuals casually seek for pleasure and no more, no less.

In this article, let us discuss the 10 signs you are madly in lust, and not in love.

Ultimate Cravings for Sex

When you are in a supposed “love” relationship, sex is a thing. Married couples do sex out of love and intimacy. However, if you are aware that you and your partner do sex just to suffice your cravings for pleasure, no doubt that it is lust.

If you’re a man and all you want is to grab her breasts and ass, that’s no love. If you’re a woman and you just want him to be inside you, that’s no love. Lust do not care about feelings, just the pleasure.

Always Sexy and Attractive

If you are in lust, you are always conscious about how you look…physically. You always care about how your partner perceives you.

So, women always dress up nicely with makeup full-blown and men make sure they have those muscles in arms bulking up and abs, eight in count. It seems that both of you think you are characters of perfect love story movies, or probably porn stars warming up their bodies.

If it’s love, you won’t even care if you wear old college shirt, or daddy trousers, as long as you see each other.

Skips Friendship Stage

Most lust-based relationships skip the friendship stage and move forward straight to bed. As we all know, friendship is an essential stage in which people know their partners deeply.

Friendships test your compatibility as couples, and will even measure how strong you are in facing different circumstances in life.

Now if you are still confused, ask your partner about your favorite food, and they’ll probably tell you “sex in the morning.”

Little to Zero Intimacy

As mentioned earlier, sex out of lust is associated with little to no intimacy. If you are in love, cuddling and kissing are very comforting like heaven.

But if it’s lust, kissing seems to be just kissing yourself, with no emotions behind. Apart from sex, intimacy can also be expressed in your sincerity with your partner, however, if your partner seems not to care at all, then there is zero intimacy. That isn’t loving.

Conditional “Love”

Love is unconditional, but if it’s not, it’s lust! A loving partner can do your favor without asking for return while a lustful one asks for one rough night with you.

Lust is bounded into pleasure and gratification, without even showing care and concern. All lust cares about is the needs of their bodies. They may love your body but not you.

No Commitment

Again, lustful partners do not express care for each other. Thus, they don’t have the commitment to further their relationships into the next stage.

A lust-based relationship seeks for the desires of their body, and not for your desire to be brought to the altar. If love truly exists between you, you two become selfless and would want what’s best for your partner.

No Plans for the Future

If you two don’t have plans for the future. Quit it! Lust wants the “now”, nothing for the past and most especially, the future.

Our bodies have biological needs, and if the only thing that’s driving you both to continue your relationship is sex, then it is no more love.

Boring Sex

Eventually, sex out of lust will become boring. In due time, you’ll find yourself looking for another one to satisfy your sexual desires. As mentioned earlier, there is no intimacy between you.

All you care is that your organs meet together and nothing more. Unlike in love, you do sex because it is a genuine expression of making love.

Sex out of love will not tire you but will continue to prove that you love each other very much and that your bodies, as well as your heart and mind, are connected with each other.

8 Signs You Are Madly in Lust…Not In Love